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5 design hacks to make your office beautiful

Furnishing an office or start-up space can be expensive, tiring and even boring. But entrepreneurs can get creative and savvy when it comes to building a workspace.

To make your office look and feel bigger and brighter than it is, follow these five tips.

  1. Use home-style furniture

    Who says sofas and comfy chairs have to stay in the living room? Homestyle furniture gives an office a personality — and can be cheaper than office furniture.

    “The cool thing about start-up spaces is that things don’t have to be uniform. Things can be unique,” Havenly co-founder Emily Motayed said. “We’re seeing the advent of more affordable furniture options, and that’s really advantageous when you’re decorating your start-up.”

    Creating nooks in the office with comfy chairs or a couch and a coffee table is an easy and affordable way to add some flavor. If you’re strapped for cash, you can even buy a coffee table and a few decorative vases from a thrift store.


Read the full article here.

Photo by charlotte holmes under Flickr CC.


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