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The power couple that wants to upgrade your selfie game

Many first dates end up going nowhere. But for Jordan and Emily Edelson, dinner and drinks led not only to a marriage — but also a successful business partnership.

Last year, the pair co-founded an app called Chic Sketch, a cross between an Instagram-type platform, a guild of fashion illustrators and an on-demand purchasing app where customers can buy and share fashion sketches of themselves.

“I think we saw a lot of potential in each other for a number of different purposes, whether it be for a relationship or work. It was hard to get out of the work or friend zone,” Jordan said. “We were able to merge forces and build this team together.”

Here’s how the app works: A person uploads a selfie, and a fashion illustrator turns that photo into a sketch, drawing it by hand, and then sends it to the customer within minutes. The customer can share the sketch in the app or on other platforms.

Read the full article on CNBC.


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