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Deloitte executive: Here’s what to do if you haven’t found the perfect job yet

For people in their 20s and 30s, the pressure to find the perfect job can be overwhelming. Having a less-than-stellar job title or working at an unexciting company can make you feel like you’ve failed already.

But according to Janet Foutty, CEO and chairman of Deloitte Consulting, focusing on what you don’t have can prevent you from getting ahead.

Janet Foutty, CEO and chairwoman of Deloitte Consulting

Janet Foutty, CEO and chairwoman of Deloitte Consulting. Image courtesy of Deloitte.

“The advice that I gave many years ago and I still give today,” she says, “is to be really thoughtful about what you can learn from every experience that’s put in front of you.”

While it’s easy to get caught up in worrying about if your job title is perfect for you, you’re better off focusing on what you can learn.

Ask yourself questions such as “What can I get out of this?” and “What can I learn, both in my own development as well as in whatever I’m trying to accomplish?” the CEO says.

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