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Worries grow as serious drought hits São Paulo, Brazil
The financial hub of one of the world’s biggest economies is experiencing a water crisis so bad that experts say it could affect investors globally.Sao Paolo Brazil

Thousands of Syrians are fleeing to America in hopes of a better life. But the U.S. refugee system doesn’t always live up to its promises.un-buteau-family


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Tech giants may be stronger than you think
Investors might want to hold off on selling the tech dip.StockSnap_NO9CN3QYR3

Job openings barely changed at 5.4 millionStockSnap_VNWHP10A5X.jpg

Citigroup earnings slightly ahead of expectationsstock market

Career and leadership news

‘Shark Tank’ investor shares the No. 1 lesson he learned from ‘Think and Grow Rich’

26-year-old self-made millionaire shares 2 tips for breaking into a new industry
Brian Wong


Deloitte executive: Here’s what to do if you haven’t found the perfect job yetJanet Foutty, CEO and chairwoman of Deloitte Consulting



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