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Know someone struggling with depression? Reality star Karamo Brown shares helpful advice
The “Queer Eye” star shared his own mental health struggles in an interview with TODAY.


Tyra Banks on criticism: When to listen to it and when to ignore it
The supermodel and entrepreneur dishes some smart advice on when (and when not) to listen to others.


Former Google career coach shares 4 secrets for figuring out what to do with your life
“Being stuck in one place for too long is not going to work.”


4 ways to break out of your quarter-life crisis, from someone’s who been there
One young man who found himself broke and unemployed at 27 says this period of uncertainty can actually be an opportunity for incredible growth.

World news

Worries grow as serious drought hits São Paulo, Brazil
The financial hub of one of the world’s biggest economies is experiencing a water crisis so bad that experts say it could affect investors globally.Sao Paolo Brazil

Thousands of Syrians are fleeing to America in hopes of a better life. But the U.S. refugee system doesn’t always live up to its promises.un-buteau-family


Career and leadership news

‘Shark Tank’ investor shares the No. 1 lesson he learned from ‘Think and Grow Rich’

26-year-old self-made millionaire shares 2 tips for breaking into a new industry
Brian Wong


Deloitte executive: Here’s what to do if you haven’t found the perfect job yetJanet Foutty, CEO and chairwoman of Deloitte Consulting



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