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Science Just Brought Us One Step Closer to Speaking With Dolphins

By Marguerite Ward, PolicyMic On April 1, humans learned that they had made their first successful communication with dolphins. Despite its peculiar timing, this scientific breakthrough is no joke. Researchers testing a human-to-dolphin translator reported that last August, they had their first effective verbal interaction with the species after a bottlenose dolphin pointed out a piece of … Continue reading

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Untapped Potential of Art in HIV/AIDS Work

By Marguerite Ward, World Policy Journal  The international community is at a critical point in stopping the spread of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Infection rates are down and global funding is up, pointing to a successful global response plan. But one key component in permanently ending HIV/AIDS has yet to … Continue reading

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Calculating the Perfect City

By Marguerite Ward, BreakThru Radio Photo courtesy of Sebastian Niedlich. What makes for “the perfect city?” That really depends on whether you like skyscrapers or greek columns, right? Not exactly. Defining a successful city may seem up to personal preference, but research in urban planning reveals specific pieces to what might be called an algorithm for … Continue reading

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Physician Assistants Respond to Changing Healthcare Needs

By Marguerite Ward, BreakThru Radio Photo courtesy of Phalinn Ooi. The health care industry is constantly changing. An increase in physicians choosing to pursue speciality instead of primary care, demographic changes in rural and urban areas, and opportunities presented by health care reform challenge the healthcare industry to meet the growing need for quality care. But … Continue reading