The Frontrunner of Afghanistan’s Presidential Elections Has a Strong Message On Democracy

By Marguerite Ward, PolicyMic  Election officials are now in the process of counting the more than 7 million votes of Afghanistan’s presidential election. As the United States scales back its military presence, President Karzai leaves office after 13 years in power and the population faces continued threats from the Taliban, this election has a lot at stake. The … Continue reading


How Miley Cyrus Got Entangled in the Fight Over Crimea

By Marguerite Ward, PolicyMic Miley Cyrus and Justin Timberlake have become entangled in growing Western-Russian tensions over Crimea. The two were thrust into the international arena of head-to-head sanctions after lawyers realized that a venue where both stars were set to perform is owned by a Russian blacklisted by the White House. Both Cyrus and Timberlake … Continue reading


The Uruguay Experiment

By Marguerite Ward, World Policy Journal Uruguay’s pioneering move to legalize the cultivation, sale, and consumption of marijuana has been met with a fair share of controversy. Both supporters and critics of the change cite public health and safety as their top concerns. In light of international drug law and the ever-present pressure to bolster … Continue reading

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Calculating the Perfect City

By Marguerite Ward, BreakThru Radio Photo courtesy of Sebastian Niedlich. What makes for “the perfect city?” That really depends on whether you like skyscrapers or greek columns, right? Not exactly. Defining a successful city may seem up to personal preference, but research in urban planning reveals specific pieces to what might be called an algorithm for … Continue reading