Growing Forward

Growing Forward is a personal social media project I’m launching to inspire young women to be open about their mental health and personal growth.


I’m trying to get 500 people to participate. Here’s how it works: Submit a photo of yourself with a flower. Then tell us a bit about how you’re growing into the strong, beautiful person you’re meant to be.

Here’s an example: 


My name is Jane, I’m 24 years old and I have pretty bad anxiety. It used to be so bad that I would avoid going to classes because of my panic attacks. But I’ve learned that there’s nothing you can’t overcome when you decide to ask for help. Seeing a counselor has helped me grow so much. She reminds me of how important it is to stay creative. That’s why I focus my energy on music, it’s my outlet. I’m currently working on my first few songs with a friend. My advice? Talk to someone.

JNQ4VTTNLMMy name is Sam. I’m 31 years old. I’ve struggled with having confidence since I can remember. I’ve always felt the need to gain approval from others. It wasn’t until a particularly bad relationship that I realized, this is my life and this is my body. I left the relationship and have found love from my friends and my religious community. Never let anyone else dull your shine.

Be a part of it! 



Hope to hear from you!