Libya’s Election Ushers in New Voter Technology
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Libya’s Election Ushers in New Voter Technology

By Marguerite Ward, World Policy Journal  Libya’s parliamentary election today is employing the world’s first national, mobile voter registration system. Today, voters headed to the polls to elect members to the 200-seat House of Representatives. The House of Representatives will replace the General National Congress, the now largely discredited interim parliament established in July 2012. … Continue reading

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Africa’s Digital Revolution: Full Speed Ahead

By Marguerite Ward, World Policy Journal In the last five years, Africa has undergone a phenomenon that analysts refer to as the continent’s “digital revolution.” A recent wave of investor capital to the continent signals that this trend is unlikely to change course any time soon. The virtual revolution means sudden improvements to education, health … Continue reading

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Science Just Brought Us One Step Closer to Speaking With Dolphins

By Marguerite Ward, PolicyMic On April 1, humans learned that they had made their first successful communication with dolphins. Despite its peculiar timing, this scientific breakthrough is no joke. Researchers testing a human-to-dolphin translator reported that last August, they had their first effective verbal interaction with the species after a bottlenose dolphin pointed out a piece of … Continue reading