Girls of Hope: Fighting for Education in Turkey
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Girls of Hope: Fighting for Education in Turkey

By Marguerite Ward, World Policy Journal Turkey’s cities boast an impressive number of young female CEOs and increasing number of women in the workplace. The World Bank declares that “the gender gap in Turkey’s education system has virtually disappeared.” But a dark shadow lurks over the country’s rural Eastern and Southeastern regions, where 45 percent of … Continue reading

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Featured as One of the Top 10 International Security Articles

ISIS Europe, a Brussels-based independent advisory organization working on security and peace policies of the EU and NATO, featured one of my articles in its weekly round up of the The 10 Best Articles on International Security This Week.  The article was “The Frontrunner to Be Afghanistan’s Next President Has a Strong Message About Democracy,” written … Continue reading

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Africa’s Digital Revolution: Full Speed Ahead

By Marguerite Ward, World Policy Journal In the last five years, Africa has undergone a phenomenon that analysts refer to as the continent’s “digital revolution.” A recent wave of investor capital to the continent signals that this trend is unlikely to change course any time soon. The virtual revolution means sudden improvements to education, health … Continue reading