In ‘Little Athens,’ Greeks torn over debt crisis fix
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In ‘Little Athens,’ Greeks torn over debt crisis fix

For residents of New York’s “Little Athens,” Greece‘s debt crisis hits close to home. Signs written in Greek and blue and white flags pepper Ditmars Boulevard in Astoria, but beneath the loyalty and pride on the streets of the Queens neighborhood, there’s an uneasiness about Greece’s future. If public sentiment here is any indication, Greeks … Continue reading

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Kosovo, Slovenia and Even Liberia Have Taken the Landmark Step America Is Still Waiting For

By Marguerite Ward, Policy Mic  While the U.S. wrangles with whether it’s ready for a female president ahead of the 2016 election, other countries have already answered the question with a decisive yes. From South Korea to Chile, likely and unlikely nations are led by women. As a generation tuned into international politics, we have to ask: Why is … Continue reading


The Frontrunner of Afghanistan’s Presidential Elections Has a Strong Message On Democracy

By Marguerite Ward, PolicyMic  Election officials are now in the process of counting the more than 7 million votes of Afghanistan’s presidential election. As the United States scales back its military presence, President Karzai leaves office after 13 years in power and the population faces continued threats from the Taliban, this election has a lot at stake. The … Continue reading