Telling important stories and inspiring people — that’s what I think is important.


I’m an editor and reporter for NBC’s I write and edit breaking news, health, wellness and lifestyle stories. I also work with the broadcast team and occasionally help produce videos.


Previously, I was a reporter for CNBC, where as the first reporter for the new section “Make It,” I helped expand the site’s coverage on career advice and entrepreneurship news. Before that, I covered business, the economy and global politics for CNBC. Before that, I served as a reporter and editor for World Policy Journal.

My work has appeared in The International Business Times, The Daily Beast, The New York Daily News and others.


I hold a Master of Arts degree from the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate School of Journalism, where I was a McGraw Business Journalism Fellow. My graduate work earned me and my team a Television Academy student Emmy nomination (Television Academy Foundation).

For undergrad, I graduated summa cum laude from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology.

YPN Brian Wong 2017-06-12-8

Personally, I’m very passionate about inspiring others, especially young women and young men.

I’ve started an Instagram platform called Strong Kind Self that gives followers content that combats negative stereotypes and offers positive life advice.

Check out my recent news articles articles or production experience!


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